Illustration de thèse

Illustrations et schémas pédagogiques pour la recherche du docteur en biologie Riwan Leroux, étude portée sur les facteurs de migration du zooplancton présent dans un lac au Canada.

"The objective of this project is to understand the strength of the relationship between both vertical and horizontal diel migrations of zooplankton (DVM and DHM, respectively) and the 3-dimensional movements of its predators in lakes. We will couple in situ sampling of zooplankton in both the vertical and horizontal axis with 3-D high-resolution data on brook charr (Salvelinus fontinalis) tagged with acoustic transponders. Automatic data-logging will allow to follow individual fish at high temporal resolution in order to get an accurate mapping of the predation risk for zooplankton. The ultimate goal is to couple this information with the resources distribution (phytoplankton and temperature) in order to clarify the mechanisms behind zooplankton behavior."